Monday, January 25, 2010

First Tuesday Bookclub Filming

I am so happy to announce that I received my tickets today to the filming of ABC's First Tuesday Bookclub and Jennifer Byrne Presents: Books to Film.

"The First Tuesday Bookclub"
First Tuesday Book Club is ABC TV's first nationally televised book club. Hosted by Jennifer Byrne, with co-hosts Marieke Hardy and Jason Steger, it draws on the basic models of national and international book clubs, the series brings to the screen the pleasures that draw millions of clubbers worldwide to these groups with their shared love of reading. It is a nationally televised forum for literary debate and conversation not easily found elsewhere.
First Tuesday Book Club gathers Australian booklovers together on a monthly basis, a reading shot in the arm on the first Tuesday of each month. Each episode aims to rekindle nostalgic literary favourites and encourage viewers to read books they might not have otherwise read . a spine tingling experience.
The show that I will be attending the filming of will focus on two books;
Cloudstreet by Tim Winton and,
Zeitoun by Dave Eggers
and the guest hosts will be the Australian Minister for Environment, Heritage and the Arts Peter Garrett and Australia’s most highly regarded picture-book author Mem Fox..

Jennifer Byrne Presents is a series of special episodes screening on specially selected Tuesdays at 10pm. A panel of leading authors and expert celebrity guests join Jennifer for investigations into some of the most popular reading genres, they reveal the conventions, controversies, and titles that have helped shaped the literary landscape.
The show that I will be attending the filming of will be about books and their journey into being films with guest hosts Margaret Pomeranz from At The Movies, renowned screen writer John Collee, Australian film and television director Anna Kokkinos and accomplished author John Marsden.

Filming will take place on Friday 5th Febuary and I will post pictures and notes on the filming soon after.


  1. Oh how exciting!!!! I have "Zeitoun" on my list to read in 2010. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing your photos.

  2. So this will be in Australia or in America? How fun will that be?! Anticipating the photos!

  3. Nevermind I see the Australia plug! Soo excited still for ya Nicole! Mwah!!

  4. oh how exciting!! very jealous, once a month is so long for me, i wish it was 'Every Second Tuesday Book Club'!

  5. Mummazappa- "Every Second Tuesday" don't you mean "Every Tuesday"!
    Earl's Daughter-Thank you! Yes it is in Australia, but the books are internatonally known so you will be able to easily find the books, and although the Australian celebrities may not be known to you, you should still be able to enjoy my insight into "First Tuesday Bookclub".
    Jenners- I am so excited! Firstly, I have never been to the taping of a television show before and secondly, for it to be this show is just wonderful! I can't wait to tell you guys all about it!

  6. Somehow I all too often forget to tape the "Bookclub".
    And it airs after my bedtime (I start work really early)
    Have fun!

    Publish or Perish

  7. Al- Not only do I forget to tape the bookclub, but sometimes (because the show is not on weekly) I forget it is on and it doesn't dawn on me till too late!