Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Giveaway; The Flesh Statue

The Flesh Statue
by U.L. Harper

Close; 9th Febuary 2010

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For you chance to win one of 4 copies of The Flesh Statue please leave a comment with your name, email and answer to this question;
What would your graffiti name be and why?

Winners will be chosen on 10th Febuary 2010.

If for any reason it will not let you leave a comment, send your entry to nicoletrist@hotmail.com

Good luck!


  1. Well...I have to be honest and say I wouldn't have a graffiti name (though I know that isn't your point) because I wouldn't ever deface somthing like that. Though I have seen some graffiti that truly borders on art and I know that often times, these 'signatures' are statements of art, they would be better suited to other places.

  2. Mine would have to be Tabby.. I have always loved that name..
    Thanks for the giveaway! :)


  3. Robin- I agree with you. I am in no way a fan of Graffiti, not only does it destroy the facade of beautiful buildings but it costs tax payers millions each year to clean up. But this Giveaway is all in the name of fun!

    Trishalynn- Tabby, like a pussy cat? Very nice! You are in the draw!

  4. Sarita, ericandsarita(at)gmail(dot)com, princess because that's one meaning of my name

  5. Thanks Sarita, you are in the running!

    What a beautiful name, I wish my name meant princess, instead Nicole means "victory of the People" with my middle name Louise meaning "fights with honour". I sense a theme there Mum and Dad...

  6. Entry on behalf of Jay;
    "Great competition and what an interesting book! I reckon my graffiti tag would be something to do with my love for reading... Perhaps a twist on a word to make it more 'street': Virb?
    Jay(jaycadiramen on goodreads.com"

    Thanks Jay! Great name!

  7. Hello,
    I also dislike graffiti in real life for the reason listed by others above. But if we pretend we are doing graffiti on a...let's see... I know! huge carboard box!!! then mine would be Messenger. It is a meaning of my name: Angela (Angelic Messenger).
    Angela @ http://cheeriosandpearlsstories.blogspot.com/

  8. Posted on Behalf of Kerry;
    "Kerry is Irish in its origins and means "dark one". My tag would be "dubh-dan" which in Gaelic means Dark Art. The link to my name is obvious but it also relates to the nature of graffiti in that it is usually done under the dark of night as well as its association with illegal activity. Cheers, K"

    Thanks Kerry, you have put so much thought into your entry, well done you!

    Angela- Thanks for your entry! I think "Messenger" is a good name, not only is symbolic of your name, but it relates back to "The Flesh Statue" as sending a message is the point of their graffiti.

  9. My Graffiti name would be Plas-Steel. Steel because I try to always stand strong for those things I believe in, and Plas because I always try to be flexible in how I deal with those who have opposing views.

    rick (at) rhodesreview (dot) com.

  10. My answer sounds quite boring after reading everyone else's. My grafitti name would be KV. It's a nickname someone gave me when I was younger. The K is my initial, but I'm not quite sure what the V stands for... Violent maybe lol or verbal.

  11. I gotta go with Bigpete26, every since i was a kid i had the nickname bigheadd bigman anything with the conanotation of being big. It sounds weird lol but it works for me.


  12. Hmm... I'm pretty sure I would never graffiti, partly because a lot of graffiti is very... ugly, and it's not nice to draw/write on something belonging to someone else. But mostly because I'm a wuss. Though, if I were to graffiti, I would probably use the name Hawkstar, because it's my online name/nickname. Plus I personally think it's a cool name.


  13. Rick- Thanks for your entry! Great name!

    Kat- I don't think your graffiti tag would be boring. It would be a quick one to spray paint...

    BigPete- Always good to go with something you know.

    Hawkstar- Yes, Hawkstar is a pretty cool name. Thanks for the entry!

  14. U.L., I would go with Minerva. I believe it's Greek for Goddess of Wisdom. It was also my Mother's name for me. I asked why she named me Minnie. She said because your father named you. His mother's name was Minnie. But, Momma, I said, Betty Ann and Stephanie Marie are not relative's names--my 2 sisters.

  15. I never thought about having a graffiti name although I've seen lots of it. I grew up in Brooklyn NY and traveled via subway to NYC daily, first for High School then for work. Most of it is scribble but I have seen some nice artwork at times. If I could draw, which I can't, I'd probably sign my work with my other online alias SweetAngelBaby which a friend once suggested for me. LOL I'm not always a "sweet angel" though.

  16. Coming up with a graffiti name is easy for me because I already have one. "The Voice"

    Why, you ask? If you heard me in normal conversation you would know. Just tonight, my wife, Pam, heard me discussing "Avatar" while I was taking a leak and she was walking by the men's room in the club.

  17. Donna
    graffiti name: DfiggZ cuz dats my name!

    Thx 4 contacting me thru GR!

  18. mine would be "idiocracy" not the best letters to do a graffiti piece with but that is what i see in society! hey p.s fuck this government and all the extortion taxes creates.....

  19. Minnie- Nice name, you are in the running!

    Terri- Very Cheeky! Thanks for your entry.

    Ed- "The Voice" is a most appropriate name. Thanks.

    Donna- Well if that's your name you gotta use it! Thanks for the entry.

    Brontheron- Thanks for the political comment. You are in the draw.

  20. probably my username, haleyknitz. as far as i know, im the only haleyknitz out there...


  21. Haleyknitz- Yes, I haven't heard of any other haleyknitz, def original! Thanks

  22. I'll go with gorda, because it's what my husband swears is a term of endearment and he doesn't call me that because he thinks I'm fat. ;)

  23. Well, of course, it would have to be Mary in HB. I use that nickname everywhere!

    I love the cover of the book!

  24. Well Everyone, the giveaway has now closed and the winners are posted;

    Note- ED, you are one of the winners, but you did not leave any contact details, please email me your address to nicoletrist@hotmail.com

  25. Thanks for participating in this book giveaway. If you're curious about upcoming events in regards to The Flesh Statue or just want to touch base you can find me on goodreads.com, the ulharper fan club on facebook or you can email me at ulharper@hotmail.com