Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fighting For Those Who Can't

Another Man's War
by Sam Childers

(The Machine Gun Preacher)

Genre; Non-Fiction/Biography
Publisher; Thomas Nelson Publishers/USA/2009
Pages; 223
ISBN; 978159555162

All my life, from birth, it's been a fight. And it always seemed to be another man's war.

Young Sam was not the type of guy you wanted to mess around with, but after living a life fueled by drugs, alcohol and violence, Sam finds God, and he finds the children of Africa

Another Man's War tells the story of Sam Childers, a biker turned pastor, who has spent the last 12 years fighting for the lives of children in Sudan and Uganda. Driving a medical van, feeding the hungry, running from gunfire and rescuing children who have faced the most vicious of enemies is all in a days work for Sam.
His mission is simple: save the children, no matter the cost.

My Thoughts; Brilliant.

Not only is this book informative, stimulating and easy to read, it lights a fire inside the reader.

Back a few weeks ago I watched the movie "The Machine Gun Preacher". Yes, I picked the DVD up because of Gerard Butler, but it was Sam Childers who had me hooked. The minute the movie finished I was on the computer looking this man up and hunting down a copy of the book. I am so glad I did.

Political issues can be a hard topic to tackle, but while reading this book you can see that all Sam really cares about is the children. Not the oil, not the accolades, not who is from what religious base, but purely and simply he cares for the children.

As you follow Sam through the account of his life and his daily struggles in Africa you smile, laugh, cry, become irate and, at times, feel a bit "blah". With a relaxed and conversational writing style, you really just focus on the story being told, and you can easily become overwhelmed with emotions.

I recommend this book to anyone with heart.

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Happy Reading!

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