Thursday, April 8, 2010

In The Name of God...?

Terror's Child
by Richard Parr

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Publisher; eBook/Self-Published
Pages; 406

"Tears fell warm down his cheeks, their salty tang an emphasis to the bitterness of his loss, and the sweetness of her memory..." (Page 127)

Plot; Terry Sinclair, by all appearances, is the average man until his wife is murdered and his infant child abducted by terrorists.

With the help of his renewed faith and a motley band of characters, including a snap happy atheist, an unwaveringly strong policeman, a christian aid worker and an ex-terrorist guide, Terry goes on the search for his daughter. Spanning various continents, Terry's journey takes him from Australia through Indonesia, Egypt and other nameless locations with a heart-pounding climax in Niger.

My Thoughts; This book is not at all what I was expecting when I accepted it for review. After reading the plot synopsis on the author's website I was expecting an action packed read filled with gun toting terrorist and bomb blasts, and don't get me wrong those are in the book, but for me the book was more about people and their internal struggles with their emotions and, more importantly, their faith.

I am not a religious person and when I first started to read this book, and I realised it was Christian fiction, I thought, "Oh no, I am going to have read through page after page of preaching" but Terror's Child is so much more than that. What I found with this book is an indepth look into how people use their faith to survive their struggles and how sometimes it is even that struggle with faith which is the help.

What I especially liked about this story was that, although it is Christian fiction, you have a variety of characters with a variety of beliefs, all of which are expressed and most of which pose no true rift between the characters (with the exception of the terrorists and their beliefs of course).

This book has been well written and well constructed. The erray of individual characters is balanced and credible while the back-and-forth format from terrorist to the innocent provides distincition and entertainment.

As previously said, I am not a religious person but I do have an interest in how people form, sustain and cope with their faith and I would suggest this book to anyone who has that same interest.

I would also recommend this book for the entertaining, nail-biting adventure that it is. Parr has put alot of research and effort into this absorbing read.

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