Saturday, February 27, 2010

Book Giveaway

Sensitivity 101
for the Heterosexual Male

By Philip Nork

Book Review
Author Interview

For your chance to win a copy of Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male tell us in a few words about the most thoughtful thing a man has done for you or, if you are a man, what the most thought thing is that you have done for a woman.

Don't forget to leave your name and email so I can contact you if you are our lucky winner.

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Giveaway Closes; 11:59pm on Monday 29th March 2010.

Good Luck and Happy Reading!


  1. When I was going through an extremely hard time after a close friend died, he simply held me in his arms and was silent. I cried on his shoulder and fell asleep only to wake hours later in the same position. When I asked him why he had not moved me...he said. "you needed to wake up to love and I wasn't going to leave you."

  2. My husband let me take a nap today! He always does little things...but today he took care of the kids no questions asked so I could catch up on my rest! Sometimes it's the little things that make you remember why you fell in love! Love your blog...will make a great addition to my new Free Stuff!

  3. When I gave birth to our son my husband was in the delivery room the entire time and when I was having difficulty nursing he would do everything in his power to calm, relax and soothe me and our baby.

  4. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Bill ;-)

    billsmith2003 (at) gmail (dot) com

    Hope you'll check out my book giveaway:

  5. Nota- Oh thats sounds lovely! Just what everybody needs at some point in their lives, but hard to find. Thanks!

    Clayful- It is the small things that count, isn't it. I need to find myself one of those husbands that will entertain my son while I have a snooze. Thanks!

    Sarah- Sounds like you have a very caring husband there. Thanks for your entry!

    Bill- Thanks for the thanks, but I can't enter you into the giveaway without a little story from you...

    Thanks Everyone! Not long till the comeptitions ends. Don't forget to tell your friends to enter!

    Happy Reading!

  6. Well, when my wife who I was dating at the time had her wisdom teeth taken out, I baked her cookies and Rice Krispie Treats. I also went and bought some movies that I thought she'd enjoy, so she could just chill.

  7. My husband is the most amazing father in the world....what more can a man do for a woman than that.


  8. It's certainly the little things. When my dh bathes the kids because I'm sick or buys me a book.
    This book looks good.

  9. Rick- I don't know if Rice Krispy Treats are what I would have wanted after my wisdom teeth were out (I personally opted for abundant amounts of strawberry flavoured icecream) but how nice of you to take care of her. Thansk for your entry!

    Stiletto- I can think of alot more! Foot massages, running a bubble bath, cooking dinner.. but I would have to agree that, above all, being a good Father is the most important. Thanks for your entry!

    Mommy- Yes, it would be nice to have a husband to buy me books, particularly those extravagantly priced ones which I want but put back on the shelf in order to pick up the "5 for $25" books. Thanks for your entry!

  10. I'm not one to do too many nice things but I did do a nice thing this one time. It wasn't really all that cool, but to me it was. My lady and I were walking to my car from the theater and we looked up at this new hotel. Then I had the wise idea to be pampered for an evening. It was kind of expensive but, man, trust me, it was worth it.

  11. Post on Behalf of Julie;
    "My boyfriend has taken my 17 year old son under his wing. His real father never took much interest in him. He's taken him snowboarding, taught him how to sail, gave him a dirt bike, let him use his quad when we go to his ranch. My boyfriend says he is doing it for me because he knows how important my son's welfare is to me. He is the best father figure I could have imagined! He also treats my three older daughters like princesses."

    Sounds like a wonderful boyfriend Julie. Does he have a brother? lol
    Thanks for your entry!

  12. UL- that sounds wonderful. Oww... I would love to be pampered; 1000 thread count sheets, mint on the pilow, spa bath, room service, heaven!
    Thanks for the entry UL!

  13. Surprised me. We were supposed to be going to lunch, but instead we went to lunch and sightseeing in a town 2 hours away!

  14. Monique- What a nice surprise!
    Thanks for your entry.