Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yes Pretty Lady, I Can Make You Feel Good

Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male by Philip Nork
(Reviewed on Request)

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Genre; Non-Fiction/Autobiography/Relationships
Publisher; AuthorHouse/USA/2009
Pages; 228

Plot; Phil is a young man dealing with the divorce of his parents, the absence of his Father and the death of his Grandmother. Disappointment and a lack of confidence lead Phil into a life behind the closed door of his bedroom, listening to country music, wondering what he has done and how he can fix his life.

It is through the bond of female friendships and the liberation offered by alter egos that Phil is able to break free of the bedroom and enter a world where he learns how to treat women and how to become a better man than all those men who have let him down.

But it is in this world that Phil is presented with the question of what is good and what is right.

My Thoughts; In my opinion, Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male is a self-help book for people who don't like self-help books. It gives the reader an insight into women, relationships and how to love yourself without the preaching tone of a self-help manual.

The title of this book may lead you to believe that it is for the eyes of the heterosexual male but as a heterosexual female I learnt just as many valuable lessons. This book may be aimed at the male reader and how that male reader can learn to gain the respect and acceptance of women, but to me it is also an insight into how to appreciate yourself as a woman and how to form valuable relationships.

This really is a great read. Not only do you get the education but you get the entertainment. This is an emotive book and at various points throughout this book you find yourself on the emotional roller coaster of tears, laughter and anger.

This book has also been well written. Alot of books like this are written in a purely one-sided format, but Nork has introduced the female opinion, which not only adds to the entertainment but adds to the message and understanding of the book. What I really liked about these female tid-bits is that they didn't always agree with Nork's assessment of situations. Phil may have been thinking one thing, but it was good to hear the woman's opinion of the same thing.

Another aspect of the writing which is well done is Nork's ability to elaborate on those things which we need to know and not to elaborate on things we don't. For example, Nork tells us about his sexual experiences and details all the emotions behind them and the feelings afterwards, but he does not disrespect the women by going into detail about their "performance", so to speak. I found this added class to what may be a touchy subject.

I am not a religious person at all, however I did not feel bombarded by Phil's religious dilemma, which is another aspect which Nork has approached successfully. He has conveyed the religious troubles which he faced without overdoing it, which means the book can appeal to a larger audience.

I do have one small negative thing to say though and it is in reference to the line, "yes pretty lady, I can make you feel good". I am surprised that no woman had a laugh at that line, because if a man said that to me it would be enough to make me stop, drop and roll around on the floor in fits of laughter. Phil, did that line really work for you?

I really would recommend this book to anyone because there is a lesson in there for everyone. One of the lessons which I really learnt is to accept people for the person on the inside, as alot of the women Phil meets are not at all like the person you may expect on face value.

I do think that, as the title states, this is an important read for any heterosexual male. I think that if more men read this there would less of a rift in the ever-ongoing "battle of the sexes" as Nork really has opened a window into the female mind.

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  1. I don't think that line would work on my either!! Too funny ... but it sounds like an interesting book.

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