Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blue Blooded Creatures

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I know it has been a while since I have reviewed anything, but with a bunch of assessments out of the way and a few days child-free you can expect a few reviews over the next week!

Blue Bloods
Part 1 of the Blue Bloods series
by Melissa de la Cruz

Genre; Young Adult/Contemporary/Science-Fiction
Publisher; Atom/2010/Great Britain
Pages; 302
ISBN; 978-1-905654-74-1

Plot; Schuyler Van Alen is part of the New York aristocracy, but she has never felt as though she fits in to her high-brow Manhattan school, Duchesne.

Clad in layers of black, Schuyler didn't think she was anything like the typical blonde, Versace wearing Duchesne student until she discovers the one characteristic that ties her to them; the blue blood coursing through their veins.

Only the most exclusive of students at Duchesne are vampires and, unbeknownst to them, there is someone, or something, hunting each one down and killing them.

With their powers developing and their bewitching pasts coming to light, will the young vampires discover who or what is draining the blue blood from them one-by-one?

My Thoughts; After writing this review I am going to rush out and buy the next installment of this addictive and intoxicatingly enjoyable series.

I have never been one to get into the current trends. I have seen the Twilight and Harry Potter films, I even own the DVDs, but I never raced to buy the books. Having said this, I am definitely going to get my hands on the books of this series.

Blue Bloods is like Twilight meets Gossip Girl. However, the one aspect of this series which leads me to enjoy it more than the Twilight series is the depth and intrigue of history. As well as the depictions of modern day, young vampires bustling about New York in their designer garbs there is also a rich historical aspect, going as far back as Ancient Egypt, and it adds so much more juice to this story.

I will be honest, when I first saw this book on the shelf at the store I though, "not another teen vampire book..." but I am now glad I picked it up. What this book has that the others don't is the vibrant and engrossing back story.

The characters in this story are very likable and there is something so wonderful about watching how each character handles the news of their new identity; some using it as a new way to enforce their power, some laughing it off as the talk of crazy people, some fearful of what their new life will bring. I think, however, that the way in which Schuyler handles it is the way I would like to think I would handle it. She takes it in her stride and delves into understanding it more.

This book has been well written. The sparatic inserts of old diary entries really adds to the intrigue and works as a great tool for creating mystery, even if at times I had to really take my time to be able to understand the old hand-writing.

Another aspect of the writing which works extremely well is the bouncing back and forth between perpectives, from Schuyler to Mimi to Bliss. This adds another dimension to the reader's understanding of this huge change the characters are going through and how it effects them.

This may be classified as Young Adult but, unless Melissa de la Cruz makes some dire mistake, this is quite a good series for anyone to get hooked on.

Want to read my review of the next installment?

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