Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Hero is Born

Identity Assumption
by Raymond Beresford Hamilton

Genre; Fiction/Thriller
Publisher; Virtual Bookworm Publishing/USA/2009
Pages; 199

Plot; Steven Heidelberg is an ordinary man, with a loving wife and two beautiful children. On just a regular day, as Steven goes about his usual duties he finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ivan Morozov is a deadly Russian assassin who, using the false name of Stan Emerson, has been following the movements of Ernie Radix, Steve Heidelberg's employer, who has stolen millions of dollars from the Russian Government.

As the paths of both men cross their lives are changed irrevocably, leaving Steven in a fight for his life.

My Thoughts; This little gem is a wonderful Sunday afternoon thrill.

I sat and read this book in the one sitting and in that sitting I managed tears, I managed smiles and most of all, I managed to hold my breath countless times waiting to hear what happens next.

This book is marketed as a "strong, multi-plot thriller" and that is exactly what you get. Hamilton has taken a fast paced action plot and blended it with the emotionally strong family plot, and he has done it successfully, with a fluid movement between the two.

There is only one negative comment I have for this book and that it can be a little simplistic at times. There are moments in this book where things are implied and they are easily understood, but Hamilton goes on to say it anyway and I found this to be a little unnecessary. This as times takes the writing from an adult level to the way one may speak with a child; stating the obvious, using basic terminology.

However, having said this, it is well written for the most part. Hamilton gives wonderful, easy-to-follow descriptions of events, but he isn't overly descriptive to the point of monotonous. Hamilton has also formulated a cohesive crew of characters which I couldn't help but enjoy the company of.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good, fast paced thriller with a touch of passion, a pinch of family love and a heaping of suspence.

Happy Reading!

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