Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jewellery Giveaway!

In honour of my recent review of The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell, I am offering all my readers the chance to win a handcrafted, black and pink, beaded bracelet!

For your chance to win;

Tell us, in a few words, about your favourite article of clothing, and why it is your favourite. It may be an old pair of boots you wear everyday, or it may be that little dress you have hanging in the back of your wardrobe that you have never found occasion to wear.

Also, make sure you leave your name and email.

If anything happens it will not allow you to leave a comment on this post, email me your entry to nicoletrist@hotmail.com and I will leave the comment for you.

The giveaway is open as of right now and will close at Midnight, (Australian EST) on Thursday 29th July 2010. Winners will be announced shortly after.

Open to International Entries.

Make sure to check out the review HERE.

Best of Luck!


  1. We have an entry which has come in via email from Monique;
    "Jeans. I love jeans. Absolutely love 'em. Comfortable. Goes with just about anything (unless they get super raggedy like mine)."
    monique dot burkes at gmail dot com

    Thanks Monique, I agree, my jeans are my life! I prefer the ripped up variety myself...

  2. My favorite article of clothing is a little black faux wrap jersey knit dress. I must have gotten it nearly 10 years ago. It is so comfortable and can be dressed up or down.


    teresasreadingcorner at gmail dot com

  3. I think that my favourite article of clothing at the cowboy boots that I bought at the Calgary stampeede in 2008. They are tan foot with a turquoise shaft and lots of embroidery. I rarely wear them but I did sneak an image of them onto a quilt I made for my sister (She lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I bought them to celebrate the 1/2 marathon race that I would be running with my sister 2 days later. They are a great memory.

    No need to enter me in your contest, though I do thank you for hosting it and giving me a chance to share my story.

  4. Nice review - I just went over to read it. And nice bracelet.

    My favorite article of clothing is probably a dress I bought years ago and only wore once. It fit so beautifully, but it was too nice to wear except for going out. Now I keep it in the wardrobe hoping one day it will fit beautifully again.

  5. Ah, forgot the email...
    sdeeth at msn dot com

  6. My favorite is the old pair of fleece pajama pants that are about 3 or 4 sizes too big. I have to wear something underneath or they are a little obscene... ;) But, I love them. They are so incredibly comfortable and warm. The best lounging/relaxing/lazy pants EVER!


  7. My favorite is my black leggings - you can dress them up with boots and nice jacket .. or dress them down with slip on's and a cool men's shirt - sleeves rolled up .. lol

    It's a good book ... great review.


  8. I have a tshirt and pajama pants that I love. They look awful and I would be embarrassed for anyone to see me wearing them but they are so comfy.

  9. I have a extra long fushia tshirt that I wear as a lounger/night shirt. it hangs mid-calf and is extremely comfortable. I have had it for about 5 years and can think of nothing more relaxing than putting on my tshirt, curling up on the couch and either reading a good book or watching tv.


  10. My favorite piece of clothing I only get to really enjoy during the winter months because it is my pair of footie pajama's, with a drop seat!!! All the comforts of home!
    Thanks for the review and the opportunity for me to win the bracelet along with sharing my pj's with you!!!
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  11. Lots of interesting entries ladies.

    I am sensing a "clothes for comfort" theme in the air!

  12. I love my black skinny jeans, been wearing it like forever! Accentuates my slim legs, looks and feels great and goes well with just about anything.

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway.


  13. my favorite piece is a Shirt that people are more then likely tired of seeing me in I grow up as a teen in the 80's and I cut this tee shirt the bottom off the some of the arms off and around the neck was a big thing in the 80's and its cool and comfy.

  14. My favorite article of clothing are my black high-top converse sneakers. They're comfortable and classic.


  15. My favorite clothes article is a black silk designer dress that I was lucky to find for a very low price at a second hand shop (the sellers there must have not heard of Marc Jacobs, so they priced it quite low). The dress isn't suited for everyday wear, so I haven't got the chance to wear it yet.

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  16. my favorite articles of clothing are my lane bryant bras. they take good care of my girls and are so worth it - they even come in cute colors! :)

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  17. JC- I wish I could wear skinny jeans, but I am of the belief that only the "skinny" should wear "skinny" jeans, otherwise they can make your thighs look like sausages!

    Stacey- You cut into a t-Shirt and it has survived 20 years?! You must launder it well. I have "re-designed" t-shirts over the years and they haven't survived too long. Very Nice!

    Layla- I have a pair of Converse and I love them! They ARE comfortable!

    Dovile- Nice find! I hope you get a chance to flaunt it soon!

    Sunshine- There is nothing better than a well fitted bra. Sometimes it can take years to find a good size and shape. Anytime I find one that is comfy I race back to the store and stock up!

    Thanks for your entries Ladies!

  18. My current favorite is a black floral print blouse. It modern but the smocking gives it a vintage look. I can wear it dress down with jeans or dressed up with a skirt.


  19. Oh wow...as an AZ transplant {moved her 9 years ago as of just this week}....I LOVE my flip flops....omg I can't live without them. Although I have a ton of pairs, my favs are a pair of earth tones that i bought on a whim at walmart when I was pregnant with my now almost 7 year old. I know one day they're going to *die* on me and I've looked for the last few years and can't find anything like them anymore :(

    majik.of.mystee (at) gmail.com

  20. mine is my bathing suit because I can only wear it in the summer and I love the summer

  21. My favorite article of clothing right now is my JCREW jean jacket..I can throw it over a sundress, a little black dress...it so versatile and classic at the same time! It's worn in and slightly distressed and the perfect fashion and comfort item!

    Thanks for the review and unique giveaway!


  22. Oh my Work Boots! Def. my work boots! I live in them. and they are just so comfy!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Wow. Great giveaway.

    My favorite article of clothing = a pair of Hurley skinny jeans my honey bought me for my birthday a couple years ago. He picked them out for me, perfect size, perfect color, perfect fit. I can never find jeans I like on my own. Now I have like 3 pairs of these things. I'm obsessed.

    Thanks for the giveaway. Names Julia and my email is rexreadingrobot at gmail dot com

  24. I have a pretty purple scarf that I love. I wear it in so many different ways with many different outfits.

  25. My favorite article of clothing is a black sweater that I can dress up or down!

    Thanks for the chance


  26. favorite piece of clothing-I have a pink winter coat I love-it is so feminine and brings sunshine on a cold winter day.


    chocolate and croissants at yahoo .com

  27. My favorite article of clothing. I have a pair of blue jean capris that are really comfortable. Please enter me in contest. Tore923@aol.com