Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blue Mountains Book Club

The Blue Mountains Book Club

Live in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia?
Love reading?
Interested in a Book Club?

Read on!

I am looking to establish a book club that either meets fortnightly or monthly in the Blue Mountains. A book club that reads a variety of books from all kinds of genres.

First meeting;
Thursday 5th August 2010

7:00pm in Lawson
(email for address)

Important Note-
This is not one of your typical community centre type book clubs.

I am looking to make this club a more personal experience.

Rather than sitting in a circle, on plastic chairs in a hall, I am looking more for a group who can relax back on lounges at eachothers houses (or local cafes), with warming fingers foods and a glass of wine or hot coffee in hand.

I am looking more for a social group who chats about books, rather than a strict literary circle.

If you are interested, please email me ASAP with your details and what you are looking for in a book club, or to RSVP to the first meeting; nicoletrist@hotmail.com

Also, check out the post about us over at Readers in the Mist.

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  1. You have an award at my blog.

  2. Pity I live so far away - I'd be there! SOiunds like my sort of club!