Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank Strange Candy Reviews for passing on to me the Versatile Blogger Award!

7 Little Facts About Me;

1. I love driving. My family just got back from a driving holiday and, while most would feel tired after a 12 hour drive each way, I feel revitalised.

2. I am a DVD addict. I cannot walk past a second-hand DVD store without buying something.

3. I treat cameras badly. The average shelf life of one of my cameras is around 6 months, then it starts to play up. I don't know why this is true, maybe it is because I just throw my cameras in the bottom of my handbag, in amongst my keys and phone and forget about them.

4. I am terrible at maths. I have a wonderful skill for remembering numbers (I can still remember my high school student number off by heart, and the home phone number I had back when I was 10 yrs old), but ask me to add them together and you may be sitting waiting a while. 3+3=7, right?

5. When in comes to books, I am the eternal optimist. Once I start reading a book, I cannot not finish. No matter how bad, I keep holding onto the hope that the book will surprise me with a brilliant ending.

6. I love to sing! In the shower, in the car, sitting watching TV, I sing all the time. I actually had singing lessons when I was younger, and really loved them, but now I sing in a more private setting (alone, completely alone!)

7. My best friend is getting married! I don't really think this is a me fact, but she has been my best friend for over 10 years and she is getting married next year and I couldn't be more happy or more excited!

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Happy Blogging and Happy Reading!


  1. Thanks so very much! That is so sweet!! I really appreciate it!

  2. You are so sweet to have awarded this to me! I will put it on my blog proudly with a link back to your blog! You are awesome!
    Thanks Nicole!

  3. thank you for the award! :)
    I love to sing all the time too. x]

  4. Congrats on your award! I know exactly what you mean about not not finishing a book, it's like you owe it to the book no matter how bad it might be. Definitely a difficult thing when there are so many books to choose from!

    Thank you so much for passing this one along to me!

  5. Thanks a bunch, Nicole! I'm not as hard on cameras as I want to be. I'm dying for a new one but I can't get my current one to die. :)

  6. Thank You Very Much for the great award.

  7. Thanks so much! I have been so busy! What a great award!